Futuristic city, 3D techniques in Flash / Viewing Project

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Posted by: EZEKIEL www.kielsoft.info.ms on 15/09/2008

Yes well done, viewing the source and searching for .swf does that too, but you still need source to edit and customise :P (you can kick yourself now)

Posted by: Anonymous on 17/06/2008

Sothink SWF catcher

Posted by: blue on 17/06/2008

great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please send me fla file to this mail dlar.ljubin@bigpond.com

Posted by: rtlj on 01/06/2008

OUTSTANDING!!!! man, u're not just have the talent and skills but u also generous. =D I've been looking some tutorials about creating flash application like this. But no one posted any tutorial of it. >,< Thanks for ur help. ^^

Posted by: vlay on 05/03/2008

really it's fentastic man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: ANILKUMAR.Y on 16/11/2007

very well done...

Posted by: Anonymous on 18/10/2007

Please stop asking for the FLA file for this as it is not just an fla file there are many files if you want to see how it was done click the < Return to article button above and it shows some of the techniques used.

Posted by: Ben on 23/09/2007

its cool! i'm just new in flash, but i don't know that flash can do such greate display of animation! pls..send me FLA..thanx! i would really appreciate it..-ray (earthray23@yahoo.com)

Posted by: ray on 13/09/2007

where did you learn to do that, i wanna learn im so envious, i am a flash newbie but highly trained in css, javascript and html, check out my site http://www.99graphicdesigns.com - I want to learn how to do that! im so jealous!

Posted by: charlotte on 02/09/2007

I would like to learn flash..... this is intresting and created more apetite in flash now thanks............................

Posted by: E.Kavitha on 28/08/2007

fantastic u r a fabulous artist

Posted by: Anonymous on 22/08/2007

Nice job keep it up!

Posted by: Janne S on 21/08/2007

very good

Posted by: fennrussel on 16/07/2007

its simply greet.i will not ask for fla but try to mach your work soon.thnx for inspiration.

Posted by: abbas khan on 12/07/2007

The shadow is simply another movie clip on a layer below the ship, this movie just has a basic cutout shape with an alpha setting of about 20% and has been set on a motion path of my choosing, its all an illusion :)

Posted by: Ben on 11/07/2007

I read your tutorial and found it very helpful except for one thing. You showed the final ship animation but it did not include a shadow as your final work does this doesn't make much sense if your background image is static and was rendered seperatly because in fwift 3d the ship would have nothing to cast a shadow onto.

Posted by: dvanex on 11/07/2007

great man .. u got t gr8 imagination keep it up .. plz can u sena me this .fla file at amit_kh7@yahoo.com .. by the way gr8 job

Posted by: amit khand on 10/07/2007

Awesome work - 2 questions, the lights that travel along the floor of the roads, was that done in flash with masking? and were all the ships (except maybe the very tiny ones in the back) animated in 3DSMax, and composited into Swift separetly? My god how long did this take!? from start of 3d to flash.swf???? weaponxian@hotmail.com

Posted by: Xian on 06/07/2007

Great! Its simply unique and outer this worrld. It's not like anything(flash site of coz) I've seen before. Really gr8 dude!

Posted by: Propee2001 on 29/06/2007

Please stop asking for the FLA file for this as it is not just an fla file there are many files if you want to see how it was done click the < Return to article button above and it shows some of the techniques used.

Posted by: Ben on 26/06/2007

i can't help but to say this is great . can i learn? the_apostle_of_faith@yahoo.com

Posted by: john on 26/06/2007

gr8 man

Posted by: Anonymous on 26/06/2007

dammmmmnnn!!! That's the coolest I've seen with flash.... i need the fla pls.. elgaxton@gmail.com. Thanks

Posted by: Gaxton on 26/06/2007

Amazing! Can you send me the fla. file? my email is xue_chen16@hotmail.com

Posted by: Anonymous on 26/06/2007

amazing... but this is not Adobe flash .... amazing !!!! send me the .fla file because i cant beleave ! email: violindaniel1@walla.com

Posted by: Mdaniel on 25/06/2007

I can't release the fla for this one iam affraid mainly because its not just an fla and secondly because that would be the easy way out and you would'nt learn anything now would you :)

Posted by: Ben on 19/06/2007

really nice and so perfect work please send me fla file in this mail Angelhelper_1@hotmail.com

Posted by: Angelhelper on 19/06/2007

simply amazing. please provide fla file.

Posted by: satish on 16/06/2007

realy a nice work , but can post .fla for download please ?

Posted by: Howard on 16/06/2007

nice work

Posted by: harsh on 15/06/2007

you guys are the greatest.... i wonder how did you do that but, i'll immerse myself to flash design and master everything.... i wanna be a known animator someday(in my dreams only).... anyways, Thanx for the inspiration.... gotta blast....

Posted by: LouienatoR on 13/06/2007

Thanks Leathal its comments like this that makes me think all this hard work was worth while :)

Posted by: Ben on 28/05/2007

Excellent DESIGN i only wish to complete something like this. Also i just discovered your site Via P2L, great scheme and mastery of colors and blends navigation is also pleasant. I bet you could drive a lot of traffic if more people knew about you. This is a great thing for Flash designers, there is so little emphasis placed on graphic design within the Flash community we need more design Tips/Tutorials which would lessen cross platform design. Flash is more than just an animation application. Thanks for the inspiration. U have been Bookmarked. Keep up the GOOD work.

Posted by: Leathal on 28/05/2007



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