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Very cool speed painting of Optimus Prime from Transformers in Ad..

I often use this text effect for intros or as a button roll over ..

I guess we may all remember cartoons simular to this where the an..

I guess we may all remember cartoons simular to this where the an..

Another amazing video showing how easy it is to change a persons ..

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FREE Video Encoding/Converting Software

Hopefully this will save you having to battle through the endless amount of Spy-ware ridden software that seems to appear every time I type the word “Free converter” into Google.

Through my travels I’ve managed to find some pretty good FREE encoders/ converters, that are also spy-ware FREE (gotta love that word FREE!)


FREE Flash FLV Encoder, Riva FLV

Here’s a great converter I’ve found for converting your video into Flash Video Format or FLV files, very easy to use and you don't have to fiddle around setting up presets etc you just pick some standard settings and your away.

Riva FLV Encoder >

Formats Supported:AVI, MPEG, QUICKTIME (MOV), WMV


Online Media converter

(that’s right online, no need to download from half death mirror servers and probably end up getting some spy-ware because you need it so desperately that you get to the point where you’ll just open anything to convert the dam file arrrrrrrghhhh!)

Sorry bad memories, ok lets relax… Heres the link:

The Online Media Converter >

This was the biggest life saver last week; bit of an ugly site that kind of puts you off at first, but it does the job pretty well and can convert tons of different formats all via their web server, make sure you bookmark this one!



Video Egg

First saw this site about a year ago and its pretty cool the way you can just drag and drop your video files into the browser and it will just upload and convert your video, good thing about this one is that it stores your video online so you can also share with friends etc.

Video Egg >

Formats Supported: 3GP, 3GP2, AVI, DV, MPG, MPG4, NOV, MQV, WMV, ASF

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i wn to this link

Posted by: Anonymous on 06/07/2007

Good links this will help me alot when ppl always ask me!, great site btw

Posted by: Gwins on 20/05/2007



What colour is the sky?

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