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3D Hologram effect in Flash and Swift 3D

This step by step tutorial that will teach you how to create a 3D Hologram effect in Flash using third party Swift 3D software and some tricks.

Download the FLA source file for this tutorial / wipeout44_hologram.zip / Flash 8


Once you have chosen which model to use (for this tutorial I am going to use a human figure model click to download this 3DS file)

If you are using a .MAX file or other 3D format you will need to first open it up in your software e.g 3D Studio Max, then export it to 3DS format before continuing.

You can do this in 3D Studio Max using the File -> Export option.


Once you have your new model saved as 3DS fire up the Swift 3D software (for this tutorial I am using version 3, but iam guessing other versions are simular)

Once it has loaded up, use the File -> New from 3DS option to load your new model into the Swift 3D Scene (shown above).


Along the bottom you should see some icons, (shown above) now click the one at the bottom labeled "Show Animations".

You will be shown a series of icons on the right hand side, each of these represent the many different angles by which a chosen 3D object can be animated.


Once here find the animation icon you wish to use (for this tutorial i am using the "Horizontal Right" preset). When you have made our selection, click and drag the icon on to your model.

Now left click and select your model , you will now notice that a series of keyframes have appeard on the timeline panel above and at the moment these are grayed out.


If you now click and drag over the top of the timeline you will see your model rotate in the chosen direction

In order to adjust these keyframes you will need to click the "Animating" button in the top right.

Once you click this the timeline becomes active and you can start to move the keyframe sliders.



While the "Animating" button is highlighted in red left click and drag each of the sliders to extend the animation length.

For my animation ahve chosen to set my half way keyframe to frame number 25 and the last key frame to frame number 50. Try to remember the more frame you use in your animation, the larger your final flash movie will be.


When you are happy with your animation keyframes click the tab along the top title "Preview and Export Editor". This section will allow you to setup your final render for your 3D animation, it offers many formats and options but for this example we just want to select the "General" menu, then from the dropdown box below set the "Target File Type" to Flash Player (SWF).


Next click on the "Fill Options" menu (this allows you to specify how many colours to use in the final render) for this example we will only be needing one colour so choose "Cartoon Single Color Fill" (but remember the more colors you use the larger the final file size)

Once you have selected both of these options click the "Generate All Frames" button.


This will start the rendering process, it should only take about 30 seconds to complete and you can see its progress as it creates each frame of the animation.

Once again the more keyframes or colours used will increase the overall time it takes to render, aswell as the final file size.


Once the rendering is complete you will need to save this animation. Becuase we selected the "Flash Player (SWF) option in stage 7 it will now let us save this animation as a Flash SWF file.

Click the "Export All Frames" button, now give it a name and save it somewhere you can easily remember, as you will shortly be importing this file into another flash movie.



If you now find this new saved file and open it up using the Flash player you will see your animation sequence in action.

Now you can just leave it as it is and upload this animation onto your website, but we don't want to do that just yet.


So now its time to learn how to integrate these cool Swift 3D animations into your other Adobe Flash projects.

Create a new flash movie open the Modify ->Document menu and set the frame rate to about 20.

Then use the Insert -> New Symbol menu to create a new Movie Clip and give it the title "hologram".


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