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Panoramic images the easy way with Photoshop PhotoMerge

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Panoramic images the easy way with Photoshop PhotoMerge

Here's one for all who have ever sat down and painstakingly pieced together some photos for a cool panoramic shot. But now you can sit back and let Photoshop do the work, well most of it, it still needs a little help.


Once you have your photos copied onto your computer it's time for Photoshop to give you a little helping hand. Go to File -> Automate -> Photomerge from the top menu


This will then ask you to choose some source files, so just simply select all of your photos or containing folder and click "OK".


Also be sure to tick the box labeled "Attempt to automatically arrrange source images". This will instruct photoshop to makes its best guess as to how these images releate to each other.


Photoshop should then attempt to match your photos to each other in various ways. Now this can sometimes weald perfect results but more often than not it can get a bit confused.


So after itís finished you may need to tweak some photos into position, but don't worry Photoshop has made this really easy with smooth drag, drop and snap features.

Simply click and drag each image either on the snap line or from the above library window.


Once youíre happy you can confirm and you will be taken back to the new panoramic image, where you can perform further touchups using Photoshop's many tools. You can now make yourself a nice cup of tea with the extra time youíve saved.

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