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Ideas for Business Card Layouts

Designing business cards can sometimes be tough especially seeing as you often need to cram in a whole lot of information including name, company title, address along with a person’s contact details, which can sometimes limit your creativity. Hopefully the following design templates will give you some ideas for arranging all of this information in your next business card designs.

I guess it all comes down to how much information you need to include and the overall size and proportion of your company’s logo. But as you can see from the designs above there’s still a lot you can do, even with a limited space.

Common Business Card Sizes

Business Card (Eur)

85.60 53.98 mm

Business Card (US)

89 51 mm

Business Card (Jap)

91 55 mm (Yongo)

Set your document to one of the following sizes depending on your preference, and be sure to use 300dpi for your resolution as you should do for all print based media.

Comments (5)

any photoshop layout for A4 size paper. ready for print

Posted by: exinco on 22/12/2008

They look very cool will have to try some of these

Posted by: johny on 19/05/2008

I appreciate people like you who finds time to let his fellowmen improve...Thanks Men!

Posted by: zizincher on 29/04/2008

please tell us again in brief like how you made this logo which font you taken. pLease brief this tutorial............

Posted by: jyoti on 29/04/2008

Not a real tutorial, but the cards look good ;)

Posted by: Frankenkill on 29/04/2008



What colour is the sky?

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