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How to fix Media Center album covers

So I got my lovely media center PC setup and running, went through the strange process of adding my music to its library and after all was done I noticed that over half of my album covers had either shown up as unkown or worse, something simular to the above arrrgh!

Anyway here’s a link to s great bit of software I have found for those of you also having this problem. "Art Fixer" lets you search sites like Google images for the covers and permanently add them to the music library. You have to do it manually but at least you can choose the right covers with a decent image quality, think it took me about an hour to get the covers for my 100 or so albums.

Anyway heres the link:


It’s a big buggy, so it might crash a few times, but it works perfectly so it makes up for it good job Riesm!

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Cool, I'll use that!

Posted by: Max (synergygfx.net) on 06/07/2007



What colour is the sky?

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