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Learn CSS: Border Styles & Properties

There are many different types of border from solid one color to double line and even in and out set borders with different shades of color. The examples below show the code that you will need to use in the <style></style> tags of your div tags, images or form buttons.


Border Properties

Setting the width of a border is as simple as this:

<div style="border-width: 2px;"></div>

You can also use these next examples to change the color of a border:

<div style="border-color: #334455;"></div>

<div style="border-color: red;"></div>


Border Styles

Here are some examples of the various border types available with examples to show you how they appear.

border-width: 2px;border-style: solid; border-color: #f48039;

This is a solid border


border-width: 2px;border-style: dashed; border-color: #f48039;

This is a dashed border


border-width: 2px;border-style: dotted; border-color: #f48039;

This is a dotted border


border-width: 2px;border-style: double; border-color: #f48039;

This is a double border


border-width: 4px; border-style: groove; border-color: #f48039;

This is a groove border


border-width: 4px; border-style: ridge; border-color: #f48039;

This is a ridge border


border-width: 4px; border-style: inset; border-color: #f48039;

This is a inset border


border-width: 4px; border-style: outset;

This is a outset border


Shorthand CSS (for those who want their code to look a bit more pro)

Short hand in css is a way of writing many of the above examples in one line of property code, or in other words squeezing it all into one simple line, as follows:

<div style="border: 10px solid #f48039;"></div>

This is a outset border


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