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flash tutorials, fireworks, particle effects, flash animation,fireworks in flash,creating fireworks,fireworks movie,fireworks display,how to create fireworks,flash fireworks tutorial,fireworks tutorial Flash Firework Frenzy

Flash Firework Frenzy

Create a realistic particle based firework display using Flash. This technique was once us..

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Build Traffic Mountains, great places to submit your Tutorials and Articles

A list of great sites to submit your tutorials and articles that actually bring traffic to..

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Dynamic Rotating Gallery in Flash

This tutorial will teach you how to create a dynamic rotating gallery within flash for sho..

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Turning Photographs into Vector Line Art

Learn how to transform a standard portrait facial photograph into stylish vector line art...

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Change the Colour of Hair in Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to change the colour of hair. This effect is fa..

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Multi-page PDF’s with Adobe Photoshop

For those of you who don't own some horrible third party PDF creation software listen up.

Saving a document as a PDF with Photoshop is a relatively simple task, all that’s required is to choose the File -> Save As option from the top menu, you can then select Photoshop PDF from the dropdown list in the dialog box that follows.

Now creating a multi page PDF requires a few additional stages. First you will need to create and save all your required pages in the pretty much any image format. Make sure that these saved files are in a convenient folder somewhere that you can easily remember, for example on your desktop.

The next step is to return to Photoshop and select the File -> Automate - >PDF Presentation from the top menu. You will now be shown a screen similar to the below, click the browse button and select all of your previously saved image files (You can hold down the SHIFT/CTRL keys to select more than one file) then click "Open”.

As you can now see these will be listed in the source files list, the final steps are to make sure that the Save as "Multi-page Presentation" button is on, click “Save” and you will be asked to name your new PDF presentation, and your done , easy eh?

Making text selectable in PDF document (as requested)

If you want to keep your text selectable after creating your single or multipage PDF, all you need to do is make sure that your source images are Layered PSD (Photoshop Format) files, and that the text you want selectable is a Photoshop text-field layer.

JPG,GIF,PNG or any other source image formats will make the text rasterized and un-selectable.

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